Raising the Bar on Liberty Lines

I met Craig Greenberg one afternoon in Chelsea, around mid-summer 2012. It was a mid-street café plaza (could of hit Apple store with a kick of my shoe) before a decrepit, yet in tune spinet piano with a funky paint job. It was one among the many placed around NYC for the Sing for Hope “open-source” art appreciation program, (www.singforhope.org/pianos) meant to inspire spontaneous creative inspiration and communications between strangers. Which it does!

I was playing a new song and singing to a downtown 9th Ave cab driver stopped 4th in line for a 14th street crosstown red light. Mr. Greenberg passed by and sat down, and listened a bit. I commented that – I was “surprised the instrument remained in tune,” wondering out loud how long it had been on the street. CG listened on, for a few minutes and I asked him if he played. Of course he did.

He mentioned he was NY singer songwriter. I asked him if he had any new songs, and that I’d love to hear them. After I finished of course. ; ) I relented, timely.

Of course I watched his voicings, chord structuring, technique at first, then let go as he began to play with some degree of passion. “Wow” I thought and smiled. Timing. And very good rhythm. I believe the song was called “Halfway Home,” and he played quite well. He sang the tune like he meant it and the depth presented in the lyrics quite moving. 

I recently listened to a new song of CG’s, “Death On Liberty Line,” (2015 “The Grand Loss & Legacy”) liked it, and couldn’t help but sense some Randy Newman flavors in there, among others. The song is too polished for my Newman taste buds. I’d much rather have liked to hear a few pots or pans dropping in the kitchen above all that slightly too clean, 24 bit range. But clean is clean is clean in this digital age we live and all it's pristine abilities.

All mixing aside, I love the tune, but mixing can be an “art” unto itself. I think CG’s "Liberty Line" video marks a new high bar for unsigned acts. The content couldn’t have been more timely in this very active political climate. I tip my hat to the production team and editor.

Nice work!

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