iTunes EQ in-Tune!

For some time I have labored with getting my iTunes library and songs sounding the way I’d like to hear them. My ears are a little finicky, to say the least. So, when listening to a particular tune, or ripping mp3’s of older songs via other sources that may have not been digitally re-mastered, or for mp3s saved/had prior thereto, or for personal taste, I created an iTunes EQ custom mix for that song. As I’m sure many others have. It’s slightly time consuming. So, why re-invent the wheel when all can share and bring their song library preferences into more sonic context with todays' sonic devices, and share the love.  In researching the means to do this, so far I have only come up with a solution for the Mac OS 10.9, and iTunes 11.0 and above. (sorry PC iTune Folks) It’s an AppleScript applet that will allow you to export or import an “EQ” preference that can be saved into your iTunes folder for a particular song, and so forth. This may be particularly useful for jazz albums, where the entire album recording production setup may have been mic’d up for a single session, one day. So, in theory, one “EQ” should cross over to all the songs on that record. CFM will be providing a means for sharing, uploading and downloading settings here, for all of those interested. We look forward to our CFM community and friends alike, enjoying some other ears already on this page.You can download the applet here.

Once you’ve properly imported the script, it will run from the iTunes applet seen at the top of your iTunes menu bar. Once you’ve ran the script locally for importing/exporting purpose, and after running the found, downloaded, the song EQ you like, find the corresponding song in you library, then keystroke "get info" (command-i) then click “options” on the songs menu preferences.  You will then see an "EQ" preference drop down menu, and click on the "EQ" preference name for that designated song. The EQ preference will be saved in your EQ settings. That's it.    This preference should crossover to your desired Apple iTunes device if later sync to that device.


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