Musician's Community (THE ABCs)

Visitors note:

CFM "connects the dots across town and beyond," as in musical notes, MIDI and/or digital content. We are not an "online" cloud recording source for "recording digital content" via the Internet. We support local and stand-alone DAW production via members and their studio or home recording platforms.

The CFM Community (basics)

The CFM community consists of musicians and production teams, along with music enthusiasts interested in participating at various levels of content development and production within the site. All registered members can listen and participate via expressing their votes and comments where "song" production projects have been opted to be public in the Open Session Call (OSC) Forum area. Members are able to participate by hearing songs come together via the different responses submitted and considered by producer, and review others feedback. It can be a democratic process of producing songs and others can contribute with their listening patience, vote, and support other members talent. The objective is to make an impression within the community so you get heard, followed, if not compensated.

Here at CFM we advocate members know some basics on MIDI for participating with other members, since a DAW and MIDI are technically interconnected. No MIDI wizardry is necessary, and there are many exceptions.  It just helps make production of your work more universal and accessible to others interest while participating.  Additionally, when working with a DAW, vs analog 4 or 8 track tape machine, things move forward much easier and faster.

The "Catfish Scale Rating," (CSR) and "Member Scale Rating" are profile parameters designated within the site and reflect skill levels of members. Please consider becoming a member here, and read through our "How it Works" section, the CFM Community Guidelines, which explains further how you can participate.